Actuarial Consultants


OUR MISSION - To provide professional casualty actuarial consulting in a timely, cost-effective manner. To communicate clearly the results of our analyses so our clients can better understand and manage their programs.

COMMITMENT - We are able to complete projects quickly and meet short deadlines. BYNAC is committed to a thorough peer review to ensure the integrity of both the calculations and the interpretation of the results. First, a credentialed actuary reviews the selections, procedures, and results for reasonableness. Then, the exhibits, graphics, and text are proofed to ensure the accuracy of the report.

COMMUNICATION - BYNAC is accessible to client's questions and responsive to their needs. Our reports are developed with the client in mind. The analysis is presented in the order of the calculations and discussed in a straight-forward manner. We communicate often with the client to make sure their needs are met and they understand the implications of the results.

DEDICATION - BYNAC is dedicated to providing the highest caliber of actuarial services. We employ mostly credentialed actuaries. In addition, a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society (FCAS) is involved in every project. Many actuarial consulting firms consist largely of analysts preparing reports that are reviewed by a credentialed actuary.

PROFESSIONALISM - Our expertise is individual and group self-insured programs including captives. Having worked on over three hundred programs, our actuaries are uniquely qualified to provide consulting services to these entities. In addition, our diverse experience enables us to offer almost any property and casualty actuarial service.

VALUE - BYNAC does not have the high overhead that most actuarial consulting firms have. Due to our experience, our actuaries are able to prepare analyses in an efficient, cost-effective manner.